Chris Baszczynski

Chris is the owner and principal composer, engineer and producer at TimeSONGS. He is a native of Toronto, Canada and currently lives in Earlham, Iowa. Chris' passions for creativity and discovery have led him down a dual career path, both as a Ph.D.-trained scientist and a musician/songwriter. Inspiration for the latter comes from early formal music training, live performance, exposure to diverse musical genres and experience with evolving music technologies. Chris has played locally and abroad in several bands and with many musicians over the years, primarily as a keyboardist/vocalist but also on guitars, bass, accordion and other selected instruments. He has contributed as a composer, musician, engineer and producer to various recording projects. The result is a breadth of music composition, performance and production expertise and an extensive portfolio of original lyrical and musical works.

With TimeSONGS, Chris takes a personalized approach to all composition, production or performance work and is excited about the opportunity to lead or contribute to projects that help others realize their dreams of musical expression.

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