Original composition

TimeSONGS specializes in original music, audio and lyrical composition in various styles to assist you in creating or completing your music projects. We can take an idea, a set of lyrics, a basic melody or a project in progress and help you develop a complete finished musical work. We can also take existing works and create new arrangements for special needs (e.g., modified instrumental arrangements, alternate lyrics or melodies to existing music, adding effects, etc.). Contact us here.

Instrumental Performance

At TimeSONGS, we use and have access to a broad assortment of acoustic, electric and electronic instrumentation and equipment, along with a diverse palette of sounds and effects to create songs, musical works or audio content for different situations or target audiences. This assortment of tools can be applied in customized ways to achieve a unique and professional musical work. (see Studio/Equipment).

In addition to doing instrumental composition for recording and production projects at TimeSONGS, Chris Baszczynski is an accomplished live instrumental and vocal performer and is available to sit in for "gigs" or recording projects. Contact us here.

Recording, Mixing and Production

Recording, mixing and production are carried out at TimeSONGS located west of Des Moines, Iowa, featuring a unique studio environment and high quality equipment (see Studio/Equipment).

TimeSONGS was designed primarily as a composition and production facility, with capabilities to record individual or small ensemble live performances for subsequent mixing, mastering and production work directly at TimeSONGS. We have completed multiple project types, capturing a range of vocal and instrumental performances as well as creating original musical content and then further developing these into finished works (see Portfolio).

The set-up and experience at TimeSONGS enables us to join and contribute to a project at any point along its development, whether at the outset in idea creation, in the middle of a project to record new material and/or edit existing work, or during the final stages of mixing, mastering and CD, DAT or tape production. Contact us here.

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