Original music composition, instrumental and vocal performance, professional recording and production, and collaborative project opportunities to meet a broad range of music-related needs of musicians, studios, individuals, organizations or businesses.

Modern facilities with
digital and analog
studio equipment and instrumentation for high quality professional results.


Studio News

TimeSONGS is a modern music composition and production facility, providing high quality custom music and audio services ranging from original composition to instrumental performance, arranging, recording, production, audio enhancement and mastering. It is a concept and a platform for musical journeys.

Portfolio and Session Samples
View a portfolio of original compositions and sample studio productions from some of the sessions at TimeSONGS.

New Facilities and Upgrades
We are now in a different location and have upgraded and diversified our studio/equipment.

Studio Advice Before You Record
Get some handy tips on how to prepare your material or performance before you come to the studio.
Or, if you'd like to do some of the recording yourself at home, contact us for advice before you start.

Friendly, knowledgeable and professional, offering personalized attention and flexibility on projects.

Contact us for more information about our facilities and services and about how we can provide a unique contribution to your music composition/creation needs.

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