Original music composition, songwriting and scoring; professional recording
and production; multi-instrumental and vocal performance; band and studio experience for interactive musical opportunities with others.

Modern studio equipment,
audio production software, instrumentation and expertise for high quality professional results.


Studio News

TimeSONGS is a music creation, production and performance venture, focused on original music composition, high quality customized audio production and live performance. It is a concept and a platform for musical journeys.

Musical Projects
- Extensive collection of original lyric-based songs and instrumental compositions.
- Music creation and audio production projects for a diverse range of client needs.
- Collaborative ventures with musicians in both live performance and studio work.

View a portfolio of original compositions and samples of studio productions and other musical collaborations with TimeSONGS.

Friendly, knowledgeable
and professional.
Brings passion and commitment to the
musical experience in all project work.

Phone: 515-833-2228

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