Studio Projects   


C. Audio-Video Related Productions

1. Suzy - A sixty-second radio ad commercial for a fashion clothing chain (1993).
2. The Cornology Years - A text and music-based video narrative commemorating the retirement of a university mentor (1998).
3. The Way We Work - An original lyrical song medley with accompanying slide show developed for a corporate client as part of a business initiative implementation (2001).
4. Voice-over narration on a promotional ad for the The Des Moines Camera Club 2005 N4C Convention (2004).

D. Other Music/Audio Project Work

1. Composition, arrangement, recording and production contributions on Unbroken Threads, a musical concept accompanying narrative themes developed by Dennis Bidney, Helianthus Productions as a multi-year labor of love (1996-2000). Contributions include:

  1. Western - music, arrangement and performance for sweat lodge scene
  2. Origins - music, arrangement and recording
  3. Maya - music, arrangement, performance and recording (based on lyrics by Dennis Bidney)
  4. Cycles - music, arrangement and recording (based on traditional melody and lyrics by Dennis Bidney)
  5. Final mixing, mastering and co-production

2. Arrangement, instrumental performance, recording and production on Solitary, a promo CD project featuring vocal performance of cover tunes by Kristin Carpenter, Des Moines, IA (2000).

3. Major composition, arrangement, recording and production on Love and Memories, a client CD project. New music and intrumental arrangements were developed based on initial melody and lyrics provided by Sandy Lane, Des Moines, IA (2000-2001).

4. Instrumental and vocal performance, recording, mixing and production on several promo CD projects featuring original and cover tunes performed by the rock band MobiusTrip, Des Moines, IA (2001, 2009, 2013-2016).

5. Musical arrangement, recording and keyboard performances for Beatles Medley, a live concert presentation by the Dowling High School concert band and chorus, West Des Moines, IA (2003).

6. Recording and production on Through My Eyes, a demo CD project featuring piano and vocal performances by singer/songwriter Jennifer Sveum. Des Moines, IA (2003).

7. Instrumental performance and audio editing contributions on the CD Song & Pony Show developed by Andy Coats (2003).

8. Stage recording and production consulting for the Barn Owl Band live performance at the Annual Spring Concert, Ames City Auditorium, Ames, Iowa (2004).

9. Recording, instrumental contributions and production on You Be (The All), a CD project featuring instrumental and vocal performances by singer/songwriter Sean Covington and friends, Des Moines, IA (2006).

10. Recording, instrumental/vocal contributions and production on a three song cover tune promo CD for the West Des Moines, IA based band Immersion (2007).

11. Recording and production on Traditions, a CD demo project featuring bluegrass music instrumental performances by the Callaway Sisters from Baxter, IA (2007-2008).

12. Recording of rehearsal sessions and draft tracks for instrumental/vocal performances of early versions of multiple original songs by the band The Curse Of Hail, Des Moines, IA (2010-2011).

13. Recording of readings of selected original poems by author Marilyn Baszczynski, Editor of Lyrical Iowa, Iowa Poetry Association. On Burying Mother's Teeth was included in the directory of the public art piece, Telepoem Booth Iowa, installed in Council Bluffs, IA, in spring 2020).

While interest in working with others on musical projects continues, the focus in recent years has been on revising, re-recording, scoring and hopefully publishing a number of Chris' personal works created over the years. This process has been providing an opportunity to take advantage of new music technologies as they have evolved over the years to refine or enhance some of the material and, importantly, to validate that well-written songs can stand the test of time and technology changes.

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